Smile Test Drive In Red Bank, NJ

Transforming your smile requires the right choice and a successful outcome. We’re here to help if you’re ready for your next smile transformation with our unique Smile Test Drive process. This process allows you to select how many teeth you would like to treat and gives you an idea of what is possible. The Smile Test Drive allows you to preview your new smile and wear it for the day, giving you the confidence to go forward with your dental treatment. It’s a “try before you buy” concept, allowing you to move forward confidently. Schedule your Smile Test Drive appointment today!


● No commitment: see your new smile before undergoing any treatment.
● Empowers you to make informed decisions.
● Addresses a variety of cosmetic dental concerns.
● Non-invasive and pain-free.
● Provides instant results for evaluation.
● Highly customizable, designed to suit your unique features.
● Encourages confidence and satisfaction in treatment plans.
● Allows for adjustments and feedback in real-time.
● Works well for individuals with dental anxiety.
● Enhances communication between dentist and patient.


What is a Smile Test Drive?

A Smile Test Drive in Red Bank, NJ, is a mock-up of your potential new smile applied to your teeth, allowing you to see and feel the results before committing to a treatment plan.

Who can benefit from a Smile Test Drive?

The Smile Test Drive benefits individuals considering cosmetic dentistry. It provides a preview of the potential outcome, aiding in treatment decisions and easing procedural anxiety. It’s particularly useful for out-of-state patients, combining consultation and temporary fitting into one visit.

Why should I get a Smile Test Drive?

Smile Test Drive allows you to preview your prospective smile transformation without undergoing any irreversible procedures or incurring any costs. It provides a glimpse of the anticipated modifications, enabling you to gauge if they align with your preferences and financial plan.

Can the Smile Test Drive treat my dental issue?

The Smile Test Drive is designed to address a wide range of cosmetic dental concerns, including gaps, crooked or crowded teeth, discoloration, and missing teeth.

Is the Smile Test Drive customizable?

Yes, the Smile Test Drive is fully customizable. The mock-up is created to suit your unique facial features and desires.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the Smile Test Drive results?

The purpose of the Smile Test Drive is to enable adjustments and feedback. If you’re not satisfied with the results, the design can be adjusted to meet your preferences.

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The Smile Aesthetic

The Smile Aesthetic combines science and art to transform smiles using cosmetic dentistry. No matter the state of your smile, Dr. Todd Goldstein can design a unique plan to bring harmony to your facial features and elevate your confidence. Dr. Goldstein is affiliated with organizations like the:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Seattle Study Club

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